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Company News

Congratulations in order as 1st set of apprentices successfully completes training

They’ve done it! The first DELTA ACCESS apprentices have completed their training to become IT officers and specialists with great success. This has been a formative, challenging experience for all involved in the apprenticeship process. But, most importantly, there has also been a great deal of enjoyment and dedication along the way. These diverse, positive experiences will now serve for the 2nd and 3rd sets of apprentices as the basis for a quality-led apprenticeship system at DELTA ACCESS GmbH, aimed at effectively encouraging the apprentices and helping them gain qualifications, integrating them into work processes so they get the best possible work experience and then helping them start their “real” working lives as highly qualified, motivated employees after completing their training.

Well done to Viven and Sebastian! We are really delighted that you will remain in the DELTA ACCESS team and be part of helping us achieve things together for our customers.