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Data protection audit using Check11 process successfully completed

DELTA ACCESS passed a Check11 data protection audit without a hitch, earning the data privacy seal of the “Expert group of external data protection officers and consultants”.

With the Check11 data privacy seal, DELTA ACCESS is proving to customers and business partners that all technical and organisational measures needed to comply with Section 11 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) with respect to order data processing are being met. This ensures maximum security when handling customer data and provides for regular reviews pursuant to the Federal Data Protection Act.

“It is of the utmost importance to be in a position to assure our customers that their personal data will be dealt with securely throughout cooperations that may last for years. While a great deal of financial and staff input is needed to establish a data protection concept focused on quality management and progressively invest in new technical concepts as well as infrastructural measures, we really make cooperation with our customers easier through these efforts. The Check11 data privacy seal helps our customers ensure their own processes conform to requirements for evidence of data protection and perform internal audits pursuant to the Federal Data Protection Act and the respective DIN ISO quality management systems.” (Demir Dobric, Managing Director, DELTA ACCESS GmbH)

Link zur Check11 Fachgruppe