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DELTA ACCESS on the run – JPMCC and our 13th outing

Ouch! Our legs are still suffering from the effects of the 13th outing of a DELTA ACCESS team in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge. While the weather gods smiled on us and it was neither too warm nor wet, the 5.6 km route through Frankfurt city centre really took its toll given the mass of runners. A bit like circuit training: start, run, sidestep, slow, run, and so on and so on. Sheer madness, but now an institution at DELTA ACCESS, with almost a cult following.

With 70,239 participants from 2,682 companies this year, the record of more than 71,500 in 2014 was only just missed, but the DELTA ACCESS team was still well represented there as always with a compact but committed 7-member team and loads of supporters.

Yet again, we couldn’t beat the previous best of a runner from our team of 22:20 mins or our team record of 111:52 mins this year, but no matter. The JPMCC is known for being mostly about the fun and team spirit and was duly celebrated with delicious snacks and the odd extra lap for liquid refreshments during a DELTA ACCESS all-nighter at Café Extrablatt after the finish in Bockenheimer Warte square. Here’s to next year!