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Microsoft® Surface meets [argo®web] ZEHN


With its 10Plus promotion bundle, DELTA ACCESS, a Microsoft® Partner for B2B end customer sales of Microsoft Surface products, is offering a fourfold benefit to customers who purchase an [argo®web] licence when ordering a Microsoft® Surface. Whether a Surface Studio, Surface Laptop, Surface Book or Surface PRO, you always enjoy these four benefits!

  1. Best prices for the Microsoft® Surface product line with highly discounted rates compared to regular shops and the Microsoft®
  2. 10% special discount on the graduated [argo®web] licence price agreed for your company for the number of 10Plus promotion bundles acquired.
  3. If you already use [argo®web] ZEHN or will soon have access to this fantastic new version through your regular updates, you will love how it works on a Microsoft® Surface device. [argo®web] ZEHN is touch-optimised and offers a completely new and impressive user experience on Microsoft Surface mobile devices. For your commercial success and personal convenience.
  4. Brilliant, high-performance, enduring, flexible and elegant – all words you’ll need to describe your experience with the Microsoft® Surface product line after the first touch. Discover the many and varied benefits at


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P.S.  Of course, Microsoft Surface products can also be purchased from us at excellent prices without the related [argo®web] licence.